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Petroleum Onshore Information NT Portal now Available

POINT Portal

On 17 February 2021 Minister for Mining and Industry Nicole Manison and Minister for Environment Eva Lawler announced the availability of the POINT system that provides public access to key information and data about onshore petroleum activities.

This new portal provides information relating to proposed and approved activities, including environmental approvals, environment management plans, monitoring data and compliance reporting.

POINT contributes to the government’s commitment of ensuring transparency in the development and regulation of the onshore petroleum industry. This free mapping portal provides information on the onshore petroleum industry in the Territory, including:

  • The Territory’s regulatory framework
  • Industry codes of practice and guidelines
  • Geological regions in the NT, including Basins and Sub-basins
  • Petroleum titles
  • Petroleum wells
  • Companies with a petroleum interest in the NT
  • Petroleum activities.

The POINT system is the first enterprise level Weave 3 solution to hit the market. Previous Weave 3 implementations have been simple public clients and this POINT solution illustrates the maturity of the Weave 3 platform.

POINT has a clean, intuitive and modern interface on both the desktop and mobile clients. A feature developed for this project is the Data Catalogue which provides a tree like navigation to documents served to it from an external third-party document management system. Within this catalogue is the concept of Relationships, where the administrator can define relationships between entities and let the end user navigate (up and down) through the relationship tree using the Data Catalogue.

Relationships is a core part of Weave 3 and available to all users. Cohga is happy to chat to you about this new capability and how it can be used in your context.

Take the pain out of Weave 3 set up and configuration. Cohga professional services team are ready to work with you and your IT team to deliver a smooth transition. Contact us now to start the discussion.

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