Geoscience Management

Cohga’s Geoscience Information Management System is a spatially enabled web application that provides staff, key stakeholders and the public the ability to query, report and manage tenement and geoscience information resources.

Weave has been implemented as a platform for managing geoscientific resources across two Australian States, providing efficient and user-friendly access to tenement and geoscience information maintained in accordance with state legislation.


Unprecedented Access to Information

Greater awareness and transparency of data flows and data management practices throughout the departments and the purposes for which the information is used, have assisted custodial staff in realigning business processes to better and more efficiently manage their datasets.

By exposing multiple data sets through Weave’s Quick Search function, frontline staff have seen a reduction in location based enquiries as clients can easily answer these questions themselves without the assistance of frontline staff.

The systems integrated through Weave are now the single points of truth for their respective information, eliminating the need for data replication. Frontline staff can now spend their time on a broader and a more diverse range of enquiries in a shorter time-frame with a focus on information understanding and quality and improvements in other areas of service delivery.

Spatial Inquiry and Management

Weave serves as a navigation tool that allows users to quickly explore, in a unified way, historical mining information (textual and graphical) from publicly available mining reports submitted by companies as part of their legislative reporting requirements.

The system facilitates a new level of collaboration between numerous Government departments to co-deliver relevant spatial and ancillary information between agencies for the efficient delivery of services to the public, while also fostering and encouraging resource-led exploration investment in the state.

Clients Using Geoscience Management System