Property Information Management

Cohga’s Property Information Management System (PIMS) is a web application that integrates task management and financial reporting for land acquisition and compensation programs on major infrastructure projects.

PIMS provides better coordination, improved data management, and better handling of property based issues within the design, planning, finance, communications and property teams within and across agencies. This in turn drives down costs, improves accountability, reduces duplication and errors, and ultimately improves outcomes for claimants and authorities.


Proven Business Benefits

  • Better coordination, improved data management and better handling of property-based issues within the design, planning, legal, finance, communications and property teams of an agency;
  • Integration of spatial and aspatial (tabular) data in one enterprise application;
  • Capacity to better align and target data work flows across portfolios, and escalate the delivery of joined-up services;
  • Sharing of data intelligence among a broader team audience, leading to new ideas around its use;
  • Greater access to property-based information to reduce duplication of effort, and to target resources;
  • Places agencies in a strong position to respond to the increasing property management needs of government, industry and the community;
  • Greater recognition of and demand for high quality property information;
  • Greater alignment between policy and service delivery agencies and organisations (government at all levels, utilities and the private sector) using property information as a common denominator;
  • Increased commitment to greater team participation, better access to information and improved service delivery for agencies.

PIMS Forms


The property form has seven tabs to capture a range of different property data. At the bottom of the details tab the form displays the names of the parties with an interest in the property, e.g. the freehold owner and any lessee or tenants. The details of these parties are contained in the Interested Parties form.

Interested Party

The details on the Interested Party form include budget, financial forecasting, possession dates, offers, claims and action milestones in the negotiation process.

Expenditure & Cash Flow 

PIMS incorporates in its forms and admin functions, detailed methodologies for estimating total costs of acquisition, and thereafter forecasting cash flow requirements. In addition, it captures the different legislative steps to acquire each category of land, e.g. freehold, Crown or Public Authority land resulting in an enormous amounting of knowledge capture (Intellectual Property) being incorporated into the application.


PIMS provides extensive reporting across financial, statistical and task management processes. Tailored reports with specified parameters allow users to focus data outputs as required.

As much of the property data starts life in Excel spreadsheets developed by client authorities, there is a bulk import and export report processes to create PIMS records from Excel files and then export updated records back to the clients for purposes such as mail merge correspondence.

Standard reports include:

  • Financial
  • Statistics by Property and Interest Types
  • Milestone – Actions vs Program
  • Supplier
  • Bulk Import and Export
  • Case Load
  • Asset Register
  • Property-Polygon Validation

Additional reports can be built and included as needed.

PIMS Map Interface

The power of visualising and querying a project from a spatial perspective cannot be understated. Being able to see the location of a property in context to project elements and then access detailed activity and financial information at the click of a button is a proven major efficiency gain.

PIMS provides a map interface where users can find, select and identify properties based on location, address and many other key parameters. Once selected from the map interface, users can then access property information that includes details of ownership status, progress of acquisition cases and actual and forecast expenditure.

It also provides for map overlays of critical project features such as road design, project boundaries and other significant background data such as aerial photography and planning zones. As a consequence, it is a useful resource for project communications staff, engineers and planners.

The Map interface brings together Project specific layers and other generic layers common to all projects. This functionality allows property case negotiators, planners, engineers, communications staff and management to quickly locate a property, its proximity to project design and boundaries and understand its full context in respect of a project.

The Map interface comes with a variety of tools to assist with understanding a project from a spatial perspective. For example, there is a spatial selection tool for querying and reporting on multi-storey buildings with multiple owners.

Users can either search for properties via a text search, or spatial selection via the map. Once selected, users can then click on form tabs, e.g. Property or Interested Party, to obtain detailed information on the status of the property or case negotiations.

Implementation Services

Cohga works with you to take advantage of the capabilities of modern, state of the art software. Our team is experienced in the development of IT solutions, from the establishment of system requirements through to testing and commissioning as well as post-implementation support. Our commitment to innovation and research is materialised in the design, development and support of our Weave software, which forms the foundation for the PIMS solution.

Weave is a systems integration and Information delivery framework for rapidly combining disparate information systems in an easy to use environment.

Weave provides a very powerful set of tools for integrating corporate information systems, and for viewing, searching, editing, and reporting across these systems, without users needing to know the integrated systems.

Weave allows corporate information to be easily shared and disseminated across the web and Weave’s strong web mapping capabilities allows information to be viewed and analysed in a spatial context.

Cohga will work with your agency to adapt and adopt the PIMS solution in the most effective and efficient manner. Our staff are experienced with the property management business and are ideally placed to maximise the business outcomes from the PIMS solution.

Clients Using PIMS