Cross Platform, Rapid Integration

Weave is a specialist technology developed by Cohga to facilitate the rapid integration of multiple corporate systems reducing months of effort and planning into a few days work.

Integration Made Easy

We use open, state of the art and vendor-independent technology to create products and solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

Our Services

Weave Implementation

Weave is a business integration framework for rapidly combining disparate information systems in an easy to use environment.

Systems Integration

Weave is a Business Integration Framework specifically designed to rapidly integrate an organisation’s information systems.

Site Reviews

Analyse your existing systems against current requirements, document the gaps and compile a cost-benefit analysis for system customisation or overall replacement.


The Cohga team has decades of experience and can assist you with business & requirement analysis, design, architecture & application development.

Case Studies

Check out weave in the field and hear about how we've helped organisations integrate their systems.


Our Partners