Cohga can help your organisation take advantage of the capabilities of modern software. The Cohga team is experienced in the development of IT integration solutions from the establishment of system requirements through to testing and commissioning as well as post-implementation support.

Weave Implementation

Weave is a business integration framework for rapidly combining disparate information systems in an easy to use environment. Cohga are the creators of Weave, we help organisations implement the platform. You can find out more about Weave here.

Site Reviews

Analyse your existing systems against current requirements, document the gaps and compile a cost-benefit analysis for system customisation or overall replacement. We can advise on the preparation of a complete specification for you. Site reviews can also ensure that a recent implementation of a system complies with the specified conditions so that you get what you purchased or contracted for.

System Upgrades

Weave is constantly evolving with a user driven roadmap and we encourage all sites to keep up to date with the latest version of our software. This way you can take advantage of improvements in system performance and capability. Cohga offers advise and upgrade services to assist in the transition to newer versions of Weave.

Systems Integration

Cohga’s Weave product is a Business Integration Framework specifically designed to rapidly integrate an organisation’s information systems in an easy-to-use environment. Our many years of experience in the design, development and implementation of business integration interfaces will help you get the most out of your existing and future investments. Our experience in the use of spatial data types to enhance the integration of multiple systems brings another dimension to traditional approaches and can result in large savings. You can find out more about Weave Integration here.

Consultancy Services

The Cohga team has decades of experience and can assist you with:

How does the proposed system fit with your business objectives? Who will use the system and how? Can broader use deliver increased benefits? Will the re-engineering of business processes be required? What would be the real cost of the system implementation? What will define the system’s success?

Define the system in order to get exactly what you need.

Develop a structured collection of information that will embody the requirements of your system.

How will a system or a component be implemented?

Define the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data for your system to satisfy specified requirements.

With Cohga being an independent or non-aligned supplier, have Cohga provide you an independent analysis of the available options regarding  software, services and maintenance offered by vendors to establish the true cost of ownership of your system, or proposed system.

Our team is very experienced in the development of Internet-based applications that integrate disparate data sources and types including spatial, textual, unstructured formats and images to expand the use of information and the improvement of workflows both internal and external to the organisation.