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Weave is used by many Australian Local Governments, both large and small, and is a proven solution for enhancing Local Government business. Weave integrates with all common Local Government enterprise solutions including GIS technologies.

Weave for Local Government

Q & A

In 2018 the following Q & A was conducted with Daryl Hickey, Spatial Systems Team Leader, City of Ipswich.

Weave is an enabler, the solution allows us to access information from many sources and bring it all together in an easy to use interface and deliver information in a spatial sense whether the information is originally spatial or not. In Local Government, all things can be boiled down to space as we are largely a location based entity.

Weave has allowed us to save staff from switching between numerous applications due to its ability to integrate information from these systems to a single solution, this provides significant efficiencies day to day. We were also able to decommission a number of legacy applications as a result of implementing Weave which has also led to significant cost savings.

Integration capabilities, ease of use, stability and performance.

Based on user feedback and minimal hesitance to use the product across the enterprise, I would suggest 9 out of 10.


“Weave was clearly identified as the best option to meet our functional spec, especially considering essential business continuity requirements and its ability to take the City’s Web Map Services development into the future.”

"The biggest feature is Weave’s robust reliability. It takes the worry out of integration and web delivery of information so that the system administrators can have the confidence to focus more on strategic data maintenance issues at the back end."

City of Greater Geelong

IS Manager

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