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GDA2020 Background

From 1 January 2020 Australia has adopted the GDA2020 datum to represent coordinates on a more accurate and modern global reference frame. As a consequence, spatial information custodians are being encouraged to use GDA2020 as the foundation for their spatial data sets.

For data custodians this will mean converting their spatial data from their current datum (e.g. GDA94) to the new datum, and adopting the associated map projection change.

More information is available from the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) websites on GDA2020 and upgrades to the Australian Geospatial Reference System. Resources include the GDA2020 Technical Manual, FAQs, Fact Sheets and a GDA2020 Forum.

Cohga GDA2020 Services

If you are considering moving to GDA2020 then please contact Cohga to discuss what you will need to do from a Weave perspective. Cohga has a range of upgrade services to suit needs and budget and will work with you to identify what is the best approach for your organisation.

From a project perspective we recommend the following steps:


It is important to plan this upgrade project well, as the changes being made are significant and need to be carried out in a methodical and structured way. From experience we can advise that the more time spent planning this upgrade the better the outcome, so we encourage you to engage a Project Manager and adopt some Project Planning tools and processes.


It is vitally important that your clients – internal and external – are made aware of the changes you are planning as this will assist with the smooth transition to the new system. We encourage a communications strategy that provides clients with timely and informative updates to ensure there are no surprises at any stage of the project.

This communications strategy is also a good opportunity for you to promote yourself and your services by showing your clients that you are working to improve and modernise the system for them.


Your project plan should include conducting a full system upgrade in a test environment before upgrading your production system. This will provide you the opportunity to develop and test all the steps in the process to ensure your system is upgraded correctly and in the most efficient way.

Once you have your plan, scripts and processes defined you will be ready to upgrade your production system.


If you have planned well and tested your plan then the execution phase should be relatively straight forward and successful. Set aside enough time to roll out the upgraded production system and importantly communicate this change with your clients early.

Take the pain out of the GDA2020 upgrade. Cohga professional services team are ready to work with you and your IT team to deliver a smooth transition. Contact us now to start the discussion.

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