Cohga wins Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards

Successful Partnership wins Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards

Cohga (www.cohga.com) in partnership with Iconyx (www.iconyx.com) was recently presented with three awards for spatial excellence at the Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards (QSEA) 2013. Cohga and Iconyx collaborated on a joint submission to the QSEA 2013 Industry Awards for two categories – Spatial Enablement and Technical Excellence. The Cohga/Iconyx partnership was rewarded for their effort with the following awards:
  • 2013 Industry Award for Spatial Enablement
  • 2013 Industry Award HIGHLY COMMENDED for Technical Excellence
  • 2013 Industry Award – JM ‘Mac’ Serisier Award – for Overall Excellence.
The J M (Mac) Serisier Award is the ultimate award and is conferred, by consensus of the Judging Panel, for the highest level of attainment in the Industry Awards nominations. The J M ‘Mac’ Serisier Award recognizes Mac Serisier’s enormous contribution to the professional and business communities in spatial information, surveying and mapping. Cohga and Iconyx have developed a strong working relationship over the years and these awards highlight the effectiveness of bringing together the products and services of two organisations to create an outcome that fully satisfies a client’s needs.

Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards

Celebrating Queensland’s Excellence in Spatial Information, QSEA is an annual event presented by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) and the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA), the QSEA are unique to the Queensland surveying and spatial industry. As the only introduction into the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA), the QSEA are widely recognised and participated in by public, private and academic sectors.

QSEA key principles

  • Recognise and acknowledge excellence in the spatial information industry;
  • Celebrate excellence before an audience of industry peers;
  • Encourage activities that create a stronger, larger and more relevant industry;
  • Embrace the achievements of the industry and its related industries and professions;
  • See the industry as a whole grow and mature through its achievements in innovation, business and in project management and professional practice.

What does QSEA achieve?

Recognising excellence is an important marketing tool for both individuals and organisations in every sphere. Celebrating that excellence in full view of peers and colleagues encourages activities and behaviours that make the industry stronger, bigger and more relevant. Participants and observers alike can see the industry as a whole, understand its strength and potential, see it as a growing and maturing sector proficient at key business and management competencies – as an innovative and exciting prospect for future investment.
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