City of Melbourne and Cohga win VSEA Awards

City of Melbourne’s Weave implementation has been awarded the Victorian Spatial Excellence Award in the category of Spatially Enabling Government and the top award of the spatial industry in Victoria.

The City of Melbourne Property and Assets Spatial System (CoMPASS), based on Cohga’s Weave technology, is central to the City of Melbourne frontline service, providing customer hotline staff with quick access to property and asset information from integrated specialist systems to ensure fast and accurate recording of customer issues.

Recording customer issues spatially ensures responsible officers and sub-contractors are quickly deployed to the right place to address customer needs.

Council staff can now gather invaluable insight into a site before leaving their office; 360° views and historic imagery of sites combined with detailed cartography enables officers to plan their site visits thoroughly and quickly, saving time and ensuring effective preparation.

Spatially linking customer issues enables analysis of trends geographically and through time, enabling continuous improvement of council services and optimisation of council resources.

The event was documented in the newsletter of the Spatial Industries Business Association.

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