Configuring Weave Clients an Introductory Series of Training Tutorials

Weave Training

Cohga has developed a training course called Configuring Weave Clients.  It is a two-day introductory series of training tutorials that teaches the essentials of Weave from the perspective of configuring a Weave web client application. 

Configuring Weave Clients

Cohga provides a range of training courses that takes students from beginner to an advanced Weave user and administrator.

As an introduction to Weave we recommend that our customers undertake the Configuring Weave Clients series of training tutorials. The intent of this course is to equip students with a foundational knowledge to allow them to confidently approach the task of building their own Weave web clients, as well as managing their existing Weave clients. 


Training courses are demand driven, so we will work with you to schedule the training to meet your needs.

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