Cohga Wins Export Award

Cohga won the 2012 Victorian Spatial Excellence Award (Spatial Export Category) for China Digital City Project.

In 2011, Cohga teamed with Salmat and NTLIS to supply our Weave Business Integration Framework as the key spatial integration framework for the China Digital City (CDC) project in Xinjiang. The project is a joint venture involving Salmat Pty Ltd, Northern Territory Land Information Systems (NTLIS), and Cohga Pty Ltd.

The CDC project is being conducted in three phases. The initial phase is well under way and will see the delivery of a pilot system built to requirements established in Xinjiang during July this year. The subsequent phases will see multiple deployments of the system in several cities in China.

The project will deliver substantial on-going internal and inter agency gains in efficiency and productivity. Experience gained on long distance projects with Sweden in 2011 and 2012 have assisted Cohga on the ground in China.

The implementation of Weave into China is the culmination of three years of groundwork for the CDC project team.